Filling out list to have the same number of items with.. NULL

Morning all,
i have a series of elements(2114) that requires 28 parameters.
Each of those parameters DON’T always have a value for EACH 28 parameters.

Any idea how i could “fill up” the “empty” values (with nothing) so that each 2114 list is of equal length?


DanEDU Dynamo has a ReplaceNull node that works pretty well (it replaces null, blank and zero values)

I don’t have Null values, i’m just missing some

Are you missing values or items? In the second case, you could need a List Match Length proces (see KVList.MatchDataLength from Chynamo, for instance). In the other case, as I said, the node I mentioned will fill also blank and zero values :slight_smile:

Im missing values for each items :slight_smile:
I want all list to have the same number of values even if they are empty. Basically 2114 list of 28 items

In this simple example, the first list has 3 items with 2 values and 1 blank value. ReplaceNull fills the blank value. Is this what you mean?

It’s not NULL, it’s empty.
I have 1 list of 28 items. And all the others have a various amount of elements. When i try to push all elements to each parameter it breaks after a certain amount. I’m assuming it’s because all lists are not the same length

Here’s the definition Signa_Contenu.dyn (50.6 KB)

Here’s the error message i’m getting

And thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

It’s really my pleasure! I can’t help far but here are Chynamo examples:

Hope this helps anyway