FamilyInstance.Type problems

Anyone else experiencing problems with FamilyInstance.Type?
See image below - this is simply a gather Framing elements and get Family Type operation. The Dynamo Node fails - but Python script works. All families are loaded families (no in-place families)

Looks like a type casting issue. The node is specifically looking for a dynamo wrapped “family instance”, while the element wrapper will by default cast all beams to “structural framing”.

Here’s a bit further investigation:
Depending on if I reverse the list - I get different results.

i’ve never had issues in the past with this - but here i do have some “Structural Framing” elements that started life in the Generic Model family template and then were re-branded to be Structural Framing Category.

Is this a Dynamo Bug in your opinion (should i post on GitHub?)
Project1.rvt (740 KB)
FamiliyInstanceTypeProblems.dyn (6.9 KB)

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I wouldn’t call it a bug exactly, but more of a limitation of the DS interpreter. It can’t currently recognize inherited types, when it does its type checking and even tho the structural framing type is inherited from family instance, it’s not recognized as a valid type:

You can see in the image above that some elements are cast as instances and others as framing. And if you use something like the node, with less rigid type checking, you can bypass the interpreter’s limitation.

I think it’s a good idea to highlight this to to team.