FamilyInstance by CoordinateSystem overwrites

I’m working on a graph to place curbs along curves.
Therefore the user has to select model curves. Afterwards the script creates a coordinate system at a certain parameter along each line. It then uses the node “FamilyInstance.ByCoordinateSystem” to place the family in the “local” coordinate system of the line. After that the parameters length and slope get adjusted.

Problem is that if I run the graph a second time using different curves, Dynamo deletes the first instances due to identical Element IDs. Furthermore if I create a custom node and select multiple lines, Dynamo only returns the family instance for the last line in the list due to identical Element IDs.

I searched through the forums and found this topic
I think this describes the same problem but only delivers a Python-Node solution for the node “FamilyInstance.ByPoint”. I tried to adjust the python code for the node “FamilyInstance.ByCoordinateSystem” by myself but couldn’t get it done (I lack knowledge in coding).

Does anybody have an idea how to solve my problem or is able to deliver the needed python code?

As a new user I can’t upload attachements. Therefore I put them on my Dropbox:

Do some searching for “Element Binding”
Dynamo wants to use the same elements over again in subsequent runs. Even in different Revit sessions.
The Dynamo Player doesn’t Bind the elements it uses in the graph, but that does make it tough to debug.

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Thanks for the help. I used the ToogleElementBinder node from Rhythm package and now it works as intended.