Extracting a value from lists

I’m trying to extract a variable value from one of three outputs.
I have a list that can be a number followed by two text values, this number can be in position A, B or C I wish to only extract this number. can anyone help?

If I understand you correctly then regex is the way to go. You’ll need the clockwork package for this to work:

Thanks for the reply, it’s not exactly what I’m trying to achieve.
I have set up a script that based upon the input gives an answer of three outputs two of these are errors and the third one reports a number this number is between 01 & 99 but this number can be at any one of the three outputs, so what I want to achieve is to only report the number. So that can be inputted into another field. If you can help it would be of great help.

ok, could you show us your script?

Will do when I’m back in the office tomorrow.

Script of my drawing number problem

Just figured out the problem