Extract Data from a predefined volume

I have a question ,and i m trying to collect information before i start on my dynamo scrypt.So,i want to if it s possible to extract Data from a space with generic models like walls to be the limit of my scrypt so if i can create a limit in dynamo that exctract only data from it or my second idea is to create volume and from that volume extract the data? What do you think


BIM data is attached to elements (walls, roofs, Rooms, equipment, etc…).

You can define a volume within the model and tell the script to look at what is inside the volume. It may not be meaningful until you want to look for specific elements, specific categories of elements, or specific parameters of those elements.

To create the boundary you have quite a few options:

  • Use walls/floors/ceiling

  • Use model/detail curves and manually define a height

  • Use rooms/spaces

  • Use other geometry (crop boxes, scope boxes, mass buildings)

It depends on what you have available to work with / what you are allowed to work with.

Thank you for this useful informations, but wich node To apply for extraction data from volume ,i already created a scrypt with specific detail like choosing the categories at first than choose the parameters and finaly extract data to excel .what do you suggest for nodes to do the job.i Will add the scrypt with result perhaps that ll help.