Export Selected Families/Elements


I’m trying to write a script that will allow a user to export all elements (families, walls, railings, etc) that have a certain yes/no parameter checked. I am trying to use the native ‘SaveFamilytoFolder’ node, but it only exports some families and not others. It does not appear to work with doors, walls or railing—but it does work with generic models.

Can somebody please point me in the right direction? Essentially, the end result is a method for somebody to export the elements that they made custom for a project after completion so that a BIM manager can quickly gather those families for future use.


Hi try to filter your systemfamilies out and probably list unique items could help

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Thanks. It’s not so much the filtering I’m having issues with (I think), it’s the exporting of the objects.

@sovitek is right,you are trying to export wall, railing and 3d text families, they are system families and not exportable.

What is the error and output of the family by name and document.savefamily… nodes?

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I think actuelly you had problem with the systemfamilies as their can not be saved that way :wink:

Thanks, all. It seems that it really comes down to the way I was gathering the families. I understand that the system families can’t be exported, but there were other .rfa families that weren’t working. I found the below post and was able to make this work for what need. Thanks!