Excel Information Filtering Problem

Hi All,

I imported excel data from excel to dynamo, and doing some filtering works in dynamo.

When I filter some “Word” (e.g. Good), the filtering node is workable. However, it cannot work when filtering some “number” the node.

I tried to change “number” type, but the result is same…What is the problem ? Please help to solve.

Thank you.

Not Work2


Try passing “264462.000” as a String in Code Block Node rather than passing only 264462.

Let me know if that doesn’t work.



Hi Ritesh,

Your suggestion is work, thank you !!

But why imported data from excel to dynamo, the number will added " .000" on the end of the number (my all data is integer) ?

How to change number to integer on my group data ?

I attached my excel and dynamo file for your information.

Filtering Parameter to Revit

Testing Summary

Thank you again~