Equation inside Code Block

Guys, please
Why & How do we add this number as an initial in the code Block

It’s a line number and it appears automatically in the later versions.

so doesn’t affect anything, the existence of the number (1) to the left, doesn’t mean anything?

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It doesn’t, but it is helpful when an error in line 667 appears :slight_smile:


What is error in line 667 refers to usually :thinking:
is it something that I must be taking into consideration?

In programming you sometimes have many lines of text.

You can get a warning telling you what line the error is on;
“Line 667 a moose is running rampage”
So you know to go to that line to start to search for your problem. (You don’t really get many moose running rampage in programming btw)

In designscript you’re probably not going to have that many lines but it’s nice to know what line is which. It’s also very useful if you’re trying to help someone with their code or explain something to them.


ohhh , wow , thank you for the great explanation
I am really glad for all the support I am receiving from you Guys
Much Appreciated :hibiscus: :blush: