Element.GetParameterValueByName - How to convert Length to Double ? (0.73)



When I call Element.GetParameterValueByName I get a Length. However I can’t use it into any node that requires a double.

How can I convert Length to Double ?





Thanks for your help.


I know of two options:







Either run it through a formula node or use the “SIUnits.Value” node.


Hello Mehdi Blanchard,

When you query any value from Revit elements it comes in unit form, you have to extract Number from that.

You can extract the number in one of the way which Dimitar Venkov have mentioned.

Thanks Dimitar Venkov for your reply.




Thank you Dimitar and Ritesh


Thanks! SIUnits.Value is essential for making export/import round trip via excel. With units excel formats the values as strings and causes all kinds of trouble.