Dyno - Website Blacklisted by firewall


I just came across dyno yesterday, and wanted to test it out for my company. But the website for the installer is pick up by our anti virus system.
I talk to our IT support, and they told me that normally the system we have isent making false positiv?

Do i have to worry, or can i tell them to open up for me?

you want someone on this public forum to tell you if an unspecified installer is safe ?

No not really

Im asking if anyone is using the plugin, and if they do, did the test the installer.

if they did, it can be a temperory problem, and then the site can be cleared next time we update the firewall.

thank you for a very helpfull reply.

@Andrew_Hannell are you using Dyno?

If so did you test the installer for virus / malware before installing?

I have been using Dyno for a couple of years now. I would not pronounce myself regarding its security/safety but the windows antivirus did not pick it up. and everything has always work as expected with this one

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