DynaShape example files




Is anybody willing to share some DynaShape example files for me to study and learn?
I’m running it in sandbox mode.

Many thnks


never mind, got them…



i got the example files, but all i get is “dead” geometry.
I can move anchor point with the number sliders but thats about it.

how can i check if everything is setup correctly?


Could you please share the link here ?
Thank you!



its in the first post of this thread

there’s a link to the example files


Can you share a screenshot of the solver.execute node? Which example file are you looking at?


@LongNguyen here is the screenshot (running in sandbox mode)



Not sure if you have already done this, but you have to set the input “reset” to False and “execute” to True to actually start the solver.



i should have done my reading, it was there all along