Dynamo Replace Item

Hello there!
I am having a problem with the Replace.ItemAtIdex node. I want to replace 2 items with given index, but the result is not what I have expected. Can anybody help me out ?

You try to save file and open file again.

@zhelun.zhu You can use nodes from archilab or BIM4Struc package.

Or you can use Python

for ind,rep in zip(IN[1],IN[2]): 
     IN[0][ind] = rep 
OUT = IN[0]

I don’t know what to say… there are two List.RepalceItemAtIndex nodes… One works and another one doesn’t.
Thank everybody that have helped!

@zhelun.zhu The node which doesn’t work is an OOTB Dynamo node and the one which works is from the archilab package as shown in my answer. Glad you got your problem solved.

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Thank you again!

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