Dynamo Placed Family Instances Restricted Hosting to Reference Plane

Hello, all. I did a search and didn’t readily come across an article on this. …at least it didn’t jump out at me as being what I am after.

New to Dynamo. Done VBA, LiSP, script routines in the past with AutoCAD.

I built a Dynamo routine that extracts data from an excel file for family placement after I have selected a family. I got it mostly doing what I want it to do… but I noticed that it doesn’t host it the family to the reference plane that the “original” one was. …and when I select the family, the Edit Workplane is pretty well grayed out.

Any thoughts on this one?

Hello @b.clark ,

Set first your family correctly:

set checkbox to workplane based!

At least post some screenshot what you try to do :wink:



Hello. Thank you for the response. Indeed they are set to Workplane base. :slight_smile:

What I have is a sprinkler head already at some “origin” point. It is already associated with a reference plane.

I run the routine where I set the Excel file that has the spacing I want to use… and then I select the head pictured above.

You can see here that the reference plane didn’t carry.

…and if I go to Edit Work Plane it is all grayed out.



Edit: Added the Dynamo file to the response. :slight_smile:

Existing Head Layout L2R.dyn (48.5 KB)

It would be easier if you posted an image of your graph with all the node preview bubbles turned on. This is just a good idea with any post.

I’m having issues opening your dyn so I still can’t say what’s going on exactly. I would guess that if you’re creating new sprinklers then you’re not using the right creation method. If you’re moving the selected sprinkler then Revit may be required to detach and un-constrain the element in order to move it. Hosted families can be a mess when dealing with the API.

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Thank you, everyone, for your input but I was able to figure it out.

I ran my Select Family Instance to FamilyInstance.GetHost and ran that into FamilyInstance.ByHostAndPoint

This borrows from the reference plane the original family was on and places the new ones on that plane.