Dynamo on Wikipedia

I felt that Wikipedia needed a mention of Dynamo. I would have liked to mention the origins of Dynamo but can’t find anything about it’s origins. It would be great if a few people could take a look at the text and maybe even improve it.

Here is my summary of resources found and mentioned. List last updated 2019-06-03

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I see a few things there, but likely going closer to the source is a good call.

@Zach_Kron, @solamour care to weigh in?

Also, note that Dynamo isn’t just for Revit.
It has:
Direct integrations for Advanced Steel, Civil 3D, Alias, FormIt, Fusion;

Indirect integrations to things like Navisworks, Robot, and non-Autodesk programs (as noted in your other post);

Standalone capability with offerings like Dynamo Studio, Dynamo Sandbox, and Project Refinery.

If I had more knowledge I would have started a new article. Obviously that would be the best way to do Dynamo service. But I can see someone has tried that earlier, so the quality would need to be a bit better than I can offer just now. If people care to weigh in on this thread and answer some questions I would be happy to work on a text for a Wikipedia entry - it’s a great way to learn about something new.

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There’s a couple of “origin story” articles out there, here’s a Q&A that Matt J and I did back in 0.6.3 era:
And if you can bear the sound quality, we cover a lot of territory here:

And if you want to go deep in the research . . . .


Thanks @Zach_Kron that’s some great links. I’ve found a few academic papers mentioning Dynamo for energy analysis and generative/computational design. If you know of any good written articles I’ve love to hear about them as well.

PS: About midnight last night I finally got my first moderately complex graph for classification of model elements to work! Yay for me.