Dynamo design script and python code

Is “design script of Nodes” and “syntax has to be type” in python Node is same in Dynamo?
The design script in code block instead of visual nodes and python script has to write in python node in dynamo is same or different.if its same why two methods?Please clarify

If I understand correctly then you’re asking why you have the option to chose either:
-Design Script
-Python Nodes
And that you can get the same result with all three methods?

The short answer is… To give you more freedom, some actions might be accomplishable with a few line of code rather than nodes, however nodes might be easier for other tasks where it simply doesn’t make sense to start coding. Also the visual aspect of nodes might make it easier for people who doesn’t read code to understand and follow.

But in the end, all roads lead to Rome, oh, and if you wish you can also code zero touch nodes using other languages like C#.

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I use all 3 in most scripts.

  • Dynamo for most of it.
  • Design script to save a bit of time, particularly when I want something from a specific index. (See snip below)
  • Python for loops because Dynamo sucks at loops. :laughing: