Dynamo data help

why white bar’s go -1
and how to pix it??

Try to replace this “” with this " ".

-1 means that there is no Item in your collection, thats why it cant find the index of that item.

it’s working

@Jan_Secnik @lsw9709

String.Tolist which package?

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I dont know what you mean with String.ToList?

i am asking String.ToList Node in your script is from which package?

Its not my script, so i have no idea :smiley:,
But you can recreate that node using String.Split and for separator use “”.

Thank you so much!! I didn’t know “-1” means that there is no Item
and i solve this problem now :grin: :grin:

@Jan_Secnik @lsw9709 In which package did you find the “String.ToList” node?
Thank you