Dynamo 2.3 Can't Save Custom Nodes - Naming Error With Period In Name

Anyone else having problems trying to save custom nodes in Dynamo 2.3 with Revit 2020.2. When I use a period in the name it gives me an error saying I can’t use any special characters in my name. I don’t see the period in the list of special characters. It’s not the end of the world but that’s how I’ve been breaking down my categories past my main category name.

I’ve also had Dynamo 2.3 execute the old script when I click on new to start a new script. It will act like I had hit run in the previous script that I had run.

looks like it came from this PR:

where we’re trying to avoid a crash for custom node names with special characters, I’m not sure why . was included as I believe it’s a valid filesystem character on most systems but I can see why it might cause issues with parsing the extension.

as a workaround for now you should be able to save the custom node with a different file name, it’s real name should still be whatever you name it in the creation dialog… I think.

FYI @ashish.ganta

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