Duplicate items in list by a given number

I have 2 list. In one list i have X items in the second list i have Y (more) items
I would like to duplicate the items from the first list the number of times they are requested in the second list.

The image should be more clear to explain what i am trying to achieve.

I feel that it should be something easy and i’m probably missing something, but i tried a lot of things without luck

I know how to create the final list (called liste final in the image) but i cant manage to “multiplicate” the items by the desired number to then create the final list.

Any ideas?
Thank you

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I did not understand exactly…try with “List.Cycle”


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Thank you,

That works

But, if i wanted to have two list instead of 1? (to export later to excel) like: TEST1/TEST2(x3)/TEST3 and AA/BA,BB,BC/CA
Im thinking about using split to cut from the “-” but there is probably a more straight forward way

I tried using this one, but the thing is the repeat all the elements from the firt list, instead oh having:

I have Annotation 2020-08-19 140322