Duplicate Elements on a Panel and Circuit them to a New Panel

CopyandCircuitElements.rvt (680 KB)
PowerCopiedElements.dyn (27.0 KB)

The goal I am trying to accomplish is to get all of the circuited elements on a panel of my choice, then duplicate and circuit them onto a new panel of my choice. I’m very close. The problem I ran into is the duplication node (Clockwork node) outputs the duplicated elements in a random order (or so it seems) from how they are inputted so I can’t keep the same circuit groupings. I am currently trying a while loop but that isn’t working how I thought it would.

I know there is probably an easy Python fix int the duplication process that could keep the organization of the elements but I am still very much a newbie to Python and am having a hard time writing anything useful.

I’ve attached the Dynamo file and a Revit test file. The Revit file is 2016 and the python for circuiting is written for the 2016 API. This can be switched easily so if you need to upgrade the Revit file and want python in 2018 API in order to help me just say so and I can I can give you a new dynamo file.

I want to duplicate the row of Junction boxes circuited to Panel 1 and circuit them onto Panel 2. Currently I can do one circuit at a time but I would like to be able to do multiple circuits at a time.

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  • Dan