Dual language deliverable Can Dynamo help?

Here is the scenario:
I start a project in REVIT. All the notation needs to have English on top and then the Spanish equivalent right below it using the same font but in italics. The Spanish annotation is residing in an exported Autocad file that we sent to our local consultant that translates information into local language using Autocad.
I was hoping that Dynamo may be able to streamline this process instead of us copying/pasting from Autocad into REVIT for each translated line.

Ideally, since we started in REVIT and via the export, Autocad is aware of text location, so if they type in the equivalent right below I can use Dynamo to reach into Autocad and get those spanish lines and bring them into REVIT in their proper place.

I have started to look at using MEPOVER packages and LINKDWG2 nodes, but not sure really how to think and implement this about this. This may be way over my head.


Hello @Dave_Vaughn - You can 100% do this using the Google Translate API. Try reaching out to Dennis Dixon over LinkedIn as he recently showcased this exact feature at the Toronto Dynamo User Group :slight_smile:

In essence it’s quite simple with one manual step:

  1. Export the data you want to change to Spanish to Excel.
  2. Copy and paste that into Google Sheets.
  3. Use GOOGLETRANSLATE("ParameterGoesHere","en","es") in the cell.
  4. Copy data back to Excel.
  5. Use Dynamo to push this to parameters in Model.

If you want to get super fancy you can use Python to automatically do that inside Dynamo! You just need to factor in authentication which can be tricky :partying_face:


One word = “Awesome” !! Thank you so very much for the process ideas! Time to start the trial and error.
I will definitely want to try and get python involved, but I don’t know that language so that may be awhile before I can incorporate that unfortunately.

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Glad I could help! Will be curious to see how it works out for you :slight_smile:

I believe the latest Bimorph allows recreating text from an import instance (imported CAD) into a Revit text element based on the layer name, which from there you can edit it in Dynamo to make sure its the right type/italics. As long as the import instance is in the right spot, the text should be too.

Hi Dave,

So I had a play with getting this working this afternoon :slight_smile: Below is my hack job - it uses the DynaWeb package and out-of-the-box stuff. I just built it in Sandbox, but it can easily be modified for something else!

DaveVaughn_GoogleTranslate.dyn (61.6 KB)

Not entirely sure if there are any limits put on this (Free API - there is a paid corporate version available limitless) - so if it doesn’t work, just wait a while :slight_smile:


So here’s what I am finding with the use of Google Translator.
It doesn’t really handle Technical document language interpretation very well.
For instance:
the note - TAPERED RIGID INSULATION in spanish is =

Going back as a check:
AISLAMIENTO RÍGIDO CÓNICO converted to english =
This is not good at all and obviously does not remove the need for a second party that can translate in the required local language. Man this stinks. I hate contracts that ask for this!

You could always try my idea from above, import the dwg, use bimorph to extract the text by layer, create text in those locations using your own family type, delete dwg. This should be possible in a single graph.

I don’t know which package would have the import dwg node but it would use this api command: Document.Import()

Might be worth running this past a native Spanish speaker who also speaks English? There’s a chance that multiple words translate into a single one either way - and the reverse just takes the most common usage of that word :slight_smile: