Door Organization with grouping


I am working on auto sorting and organization of the door in the project.
The idea is each door type is marked with a letter and then followed by a number. The main Types are F-Fire, M-Metal, O-General.

The script is grouping the door by type then it tries to sort it by “Width” and then by “Height”

O01 - 900/200
O02 - 900/215
F01 - 900/200
and so on

I have hit a wall with the last sorting (by Height), I have tried “group by key”, “sort by key” and “sort by function”.

Currently the script works with sort by key taking the second level but this messes the first grouping by types.

Any ideas and suggestions are welcome.
the script is working progress.

Best Regards,

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Hello @GeDI ,

I tried to solve your issue, you need to modify get parameter name and set parameter name as per your requirement.
Hope this will resolve you issue of listing and lacing.

sort Door.dyn (51.2 KB)

thank you for your help, exploring your option I noticed all I had to do is check the keep list structure, which did the trick.

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