Divide Curve with different length

Hi, everyone.

I have a little problem about divide curve in dynamo

First, id like to divide curve in segments by point, it is simple actually.
but i want to set some segment in different distance like that. ↓

and then i want to control the position value of a, b. ↓

Does anyone have an idea?

Thank you.


Check this out

Divide PolyCurve by Multiple Segment Lengths

Thank you for reply

Actually the most import thing is control the position.
i want to change the position of a / b as shown above.

Thank you.

Can you post what you have done so far?

I’m not sure what you mean by changing the position of a/b?

i’m sorry for the poor explanation.

this is what i hav doing…

and this is what i want.but i want to control each length value(there are only 2 value),
(↓pic)which mean is i can change first a length to b length…(↓pic)

@ijka.junsuk like this?



can you share for this code?

# by Alexander Berg | 2020-02-25 | Automated Design Solutions
def Repeat(count,item):
	e = []
	for i in range(0,count):
	return e

def Replace(data, indices, replacement):
    return [replacement if i in indices else e for i, e in enumerate(data)]
# Accumulate credited to stackoverflow.com/a/33034961
def Accumulate(a):
	return reduce(lambda c, x: c + [c[-1] + x], a, [0])[1:]

count,a,b,indices = IN
data = Repeat(count,a)
values = Replace(data,indices,b)
lengths = Accumulate(values)

OUT = lengths

pls help smt wrong… T.T
im not familiar with python script

You feeding a float (number with decimal points), but the repeat function utilizes range which works only with whole numbers (integers). The first input needs to be a whole number (1,4,6,10,2420 e.t.c.)

@ijka.junsuk if this solves your issue, please choose the solution so the topic can be closed.

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Thank you!!!~~~

You’re welcome :+1: