Divide Curve in segments with curtain length

Hello dear professionals.
I would like to ask your ideas about how I can get the divided curve in segments with curtain Length.
I came up with this logic:

Dynamo has Nodes that give number of divisions as per chord length or segment length and point at parameter node. But I need to have more specific result than just conceptual. Do you have other ideas how the desired result can be achieved ?

can you describe your case? or maybe share your data…

@m.shcheblykin Look at this previous post and see if it helps

I’m looking for other possible ways to achieve similar results as mine.
Its crucial that with your way it must be possible to control the division layout, exactly, not approximately.

So you want this node then?


not necessary at all. Im interested in different logic that can give similar results. Maybe there is a way with point at parameter node. I would be glad to see a new approach