Dimensions pile foundation

Heey everyone,

I have a little question, maybe a very stupid question :flushed:
But i’m very interrested in Dynamo, but i don’t realy know how it works.
And a co-worker ask me how he can annotate a pile foundation with dimensions.
we have more than 15.000 pile.

I have found this topic: https://forum.dynamobim.com/t/automatic-dimension-walls/6970/14

But i don’t know witch Node were justed and witch python script…
I don’t understand anything :flushed:
I have a lot to learn about Dynamo that is sure.

Could someone help me??

Hi @Jasperbru,

I’ll ask the question… why do you need to dimension foundations? In my experience these are usually just scheduled in Revit with pile number, diameter, cut off level, toe level and coordinates.


Yes in my experience also.

But the client wants also the dimensions and annotations…
And client is king… ?:sweat_smile:


Hi @Jasperbru,

It’s impossible to tell if what you’re trying to achieve is doable in Dynamo, unless you share some sample files and a detailed description of your end result. Have you tried solving the problem yourself? A good first step would be to collect all the foundation instances that need to be dimensioned. There’s literally hundreds of examples on how to do that throughout the forum.

Also, be sure to check out this topic for some tips on how to better formulate your question next time.

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