Dimension Prefix to all Dimension of Type

I have been Trying the Data-Shapes package using MultipleInputForm++ but have runn in to a stumbling block that I have not been able to resolve. For the most part the Graph works but it will only add the prefix to the last Dimension Inserted into Revit not applied to all Dimensions of that type name. I am at a bit of a lose on how to make this work, any assistance would be appreciated.Add_Prefix_To_Dimension_Style.dyn (17.1 KB)

Hi @brent

Try this dynamo file Add_Prefix_To_Dimension_Style(Kulkul).dyn (19.0 KB)

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Kulkul, Thank you this works the way I was hoping, When I get a chance I am going to compare it to what I had to see what the differences are, Again thank you for your assistance.

Thank you @brent for bringing this topic. And thanks to @Kulkul for you help.