Dialog box values in Pipe System

hi everyone
i downloaded the KULKUL’s pyton script to set the dialogue box in duct elbow from the conversation below
and it works good on duct. now i’m trying to set the loss method parameter also on pipe Tee but i got some problems as you can see below i changed the parameter from duct to pipe.

but when i try to run the script on tee it doesen’t works and it shows me this warning

it says: File “strings”, line 62, in module AttributeError:‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘ValueType’.

what can i do?
thanks a lot

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An image of the code woluld be helpful.

By the way, you can contact him via message by left clicking on his avatar.

thanks Organon, i I managed to make it work the problem was the parameter name as yuo can see in the picture below.

now i have another issue, i’m trying to get two parameters of a pipe reducer that are underlined in the picture below

how can i get and define the path to reach these parameters?


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Hi Lucato,

Could please start a new topic for your another issue. Thanks :slight_smile: