Determine if dimension is arc length

Hi there,

I would like to add a custom symbol to the arc length dimension with dynamo. I’ve created a graph to match dimension type name and modify its prefix. However I’d like to determine if the dimension element is an arc length with a more reliable way such as a builtin parameter or smth. Do you have a suggestion to select arc length dimension only?

this is what I’ve done so far, any help is appreciated. thanks

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You need to get and filter by the “DimensionStyleType” of the dimension then you can filter out the others to do what you want.

like @Brendan_Cassidy suggest, but try also to take a look on these posts… your code could benefit from it.

Thank you for the suggestions however when checked with the dimension type style for arc length what I got is “Linear” as well. I suppose there has to be a distinctive property of arc length but couldn’t find it. I need your further helps, thanks.

There is a style called arc length and it should be giving that, the other way is to get the curve of the dimension then check the type of curve if it is a arc.

If it is a arc then you continue with assigning a parameter prefix.

Brendan I couldn’t justify what you have suggested. I tried many different ways to get a relevant information about arc geometry to no avail. I’d be glad if you could show a small snippet when you have time.

Hi @Serhan_Bakir

The difference between Arc and linear Dimension is Linear Dimension has Baseline Offset Parameter while the Arc doesn’t.


Hi Kulkul,
Thanks for the tip! Depending on “Baseline Offset” parameter I can isolate arc dimensions. I added a control for to filter out angular dimensions from previous list.
So it became a handy one for me with your help guys, thanks you!