Detecting Project Units

I have a graph that gets total surface area for walls picked by user. It works great on projects that are in Imperial (sq ft) but it doesn’t work well with Metric (sq m) units. Looks like I need to do some additional math of some sort. Is there a way to make dynamo aware of the projects units and use them? Thanks.

Unit conversion should work with all the OOTB nodes except for a recent issue with converting into sqmm. If you are pulling or pushing data with python you‘ll have to convert between display units and internal units. Clockwork has some nodes for that.

Thanks for the reply. What I’m trying to do is to create one graph for both Imperial and Metric. After detecting the unit type I’d split the work flow into two paths one for each type. First step is to get the unit type. Didn’t find any OOTB nodes that could do that and I’m not up on python quite yet.

You might just need to use Get/SetParameterAsProjectUnits from MEPover.

Hey Nick,
Hmmmm… I must be doing something wrong. I’m not sure how to get the units with that node. See attached.

BTW it’s a wall and I’m trying tio get the area.


GetParameterAsProjectUnits returns the value with the project unit conversion already applied, so you don’t really need to know what units you’re using.

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Ah… That’s the point I was missing. Thanks!


Is the node GetParameterAsProjectUnits still available?