Delete Space Tags with "Space" in their name

I’m completely new to Dynamo, and in fact new to any sort of programming past AutoCAD scripts.
What I want to do is delete space tags from any space that has a string called “Space”.

Typically the Architecture has a space within a column etc, I want to keep the space for exporting to our thermal modelling software, but don’t want it tagged when I tag all spaces.

So how can I delete tags with a certain value. So far I’ve managed to get it to make a list from all the tags, but don’t know how to get just a preset value.

Off to a good start! Considering Tags do not hold any information really you need to obtain the tag’s “host” element. And since space/room tags don;t seem to work for any of the other tag host options I made this.

I’ll let you work thorough the rest of the filtering and sorting of the names.

  1. get names

  2. figure out if they contains “Space”

  3. Delete elements