Delete if

How do I remove “B” from a sublist but not if the only item is “B”


0 - A
1 - B
2 - C


0 - A
1 - B
2 - C

Hi @moeng,

You could do something like this:

I dont think I have explained it correct.

This is the actual list.

What I need is to delete all the N/A but only when there are 2 items in the sublist.

So if a sublist is 1 and N/A it should be 1. And if its only N/A it should still only be N/A.

@moeng perhaps you could use all true and filterbyboolmask?
Does this yield the desired result?
FORUM_ListDeleteIf.dyn (36.2 KB)

Exactly! Thank you.

Ah, i misunderstood you, @moeng.

Here’s another way to solve it:


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