Delete duplicate values and update list

Hello guys

I need your help with an issue, probably this is a peace of cake for you, but I don’t know how to resolve it.

I have three lists, the first list contains characters and one of then is duplicated (the third position), I need delete this duplicated value in the first list, and add the third position value in the others list with the first position value.

I attach an image were you see the lists, node and code in python. This code add the value in the other lists but I don’t know how to delete it without an error in the for cycle.

May you help me?

No need for python here,

List.unique items will do the job

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@raul.montanez Something like this?

masterList = []

for x,i in enumerate(IN[0]):
	if i in masterList:
		ins = IN[0].pop(x)