Define a new AutoCAD block from objects


Is there a node that can define a new AutoCAD block based on objects? Been searching but not successful in finding one.


you need to extract the objects geometries first.

Ok, I can’t find “BlockreferenceExtensions”. Where is that located in the node-tree? or is it a separate package?

Try Civil3dtoolkit package.

Found it Thanks! Ok next question :slight_smile: How can i combine a set of objects into one? I have some objects from one operation and from another operation that I want to combine to one. Is it possible?

The node is asking for a list of geometries

ok, I get this message “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

that’s the wrong node, read carefully the previous post

Ah I c what I did. thanks!

I still don’t get this to work. The node expects “Autodesk.Designscript.Geometry.Geometry” but I can’t seem to convert anything to that type of geometry.

Any thoughts?

@Sampa it works for me. What is the rest of the warning? I don’t think the solid is the issue.

Hi! Hmm, ok then what could it be…? It’s the only parameter that seems off to me according to the warning message.

Might get it to work now, I think it needs to be the right kind of solid.

Interesting, that does look correct. If you check the volume of the solids using Solid.Volume, does it return a value or null?

Got it to work now, it looks like the correct kind of geometry needs to be used. Thanks for all the help!

Got one last problem now in that my block references gets duplicated because I use the block reference create node to array the blocks with the right rotation and placement which creates the posts and then I use that geometry to create the final block.

Is there a way to delete the first creation of blocks so I don’t get duplicate geometry? Ideally i would like to put the Blocks of the posts directly in my final block instead extracting the geometry, but I don’t think the blockreference extension would allow that.

Nevermind found a solution :slight_smile: