Data Structure -- Dynamo tends to wipe out the first empty list/null value?



Hi, I was trying to get intersection between several items by using List.Map, for example: I have 2 horizontal surface and 3 vertical surface, the data structure I’m expecting would be {[(0,0)(0,1)(0,2)][(1,0)(1,1)(1,2)]}. However, if the first surface failed to intersect with other 3 surfaces, I’m only getting {[(1,0)(1,1)(1,2)]}, and if the second one failed to intersect, I’m still getting{[(1,0)(1,1)(1,2)][EmptyList, EmptyList, EmptyList]}, which is correct. For me, it feels like dynamo tends to wipe out the empty list/null value at the beginning until the note can successfully get some results. This can be very tricky and important to keep data structure same for future use. Any thought?


You should report such issues here

Thanks Vikram, I reported this issue at GitHub.