Curve.Reverse don’t work

trying to reverse the second line direction with Curve.Reverse node but still in the same place, Matched with the first line.

It reverses the normal (vector) not the object itself. Try mirroring the geometry using the Geometry.Mirror node.


Thank you, working right :smiley:
but why reversing the normal don’t reverse the object itself ?
I think when reverse a normal it become " - normal " and change it’s direction.

When you Reverse the direction of a curve / line, the start point becomes the end point and vice versa.
It doesn’t alter the geometry of the object.

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The normal is a property of the object (a vector), in this case a curve, just like length, startpoint, endpoint and its parameter space (t). You are after a transformation, which is a phsyical change of the object in Cartesian space, as opposed to a change to one of its properties…which is what Curve.Reverse does