Curvature analysis

How do I use curvature analysis in Revit or Dynamo? Is there a way?

Please give advice or example, thank you

you can evaluate surfaces with surface.curvatureAtParameter() node or Derivative at parameter

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Thank you for your reply

I tried using the Surface.DerivativesAtParameter node, but did not respond when adjusting UV

Is there a way to know the slope of any position on a geometric roof? (Green dot)

U and V can’t be greater than 1:

Warning: Surface.GetIsoline job failed. Unable to make iso curve on surface

What is missing, would like to ask how to solve?

Try to insert a PolySurface.Surfaces node after PolySurface.Chamfer and see what you get. Surface.GetIsoline is waiting for surfaces as an input.

Has been successful, thank you for your guidance

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