Crossing data between keynotes and rooms

Hi everyone this is my first post, let’s see how it goes :smiley:

I want to be able to associate all keynotes in a room with the room, this meaning if I have a room called room1 that has walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, etc ( all categories applied) I want to be able to identify that element ( or revit element ID and its keynote in association with the room.


room 1
wall-keynote: a1 - id12345 area: 10m2
floor-keynote: b1 - id98767 area: 20m2

room 2
wall- keynote: a1 - id 34567 area: 15m2
floor- keynote: b1 - id 64537 area: 30m2
floor- keynote: b5 - id 73546 area: 12m2

Hi Diego, and Welcome can tog show us what you’ve tried so far?

Maybe have a look here: How to get help on the Dynamo forums


Hi Jonathan Thank you,

What I have tried is exporting the ODBC to Access and try to find a relation between a Keynote in a wall or any category to a room, but I cant find the way to correlate them. My ultimate goal is to export the DB of Revit and report all the WBS concept with this DB

Or is this posible with dynamo ? what I have done in dynamo sow far is just detect all keynotes.

I’m assuming you keynotes are written within your revit elements and thus can be pulled with current dynamo nodes, when you have the information handy the question comes to sorting the data, and that is indeed possible using Dynamo. The screenshot doesn’t really show much other than deprecated nodes. :slight_smile:
If you’re new to dynamo you should try reading the dynamo primer to get started :slight_smile:

if rooms are defined in revit several topics on the forum discuss getting information of contained elements in rooms

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