Creating Custom Node to get output according to size

Hi All,
I have an idea but I can’t execute it without your help.

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@bikashseas Explore List.SortByKey and/or List.GroupByKey

Uploading a small Revit file to support your query might help others provide better suggestions/solutions.

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I am trying to solve it.Please see the problem bellow.How to solve it?

Hi @bikashseas

First and the foremost you need to drop your dummy rvt file so that people who is helping will have clear picture and provide you possible solution.

Your not following as suggested by @Vikram_Subbaiah . Your connecting strings to element you need to connect Elements to it. For the values make sure you assign the values by parameter storage type.

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Dummy Revit File

I got your point.But want to set parameter for 100mm diameter only.If I connect to element,it will write for all pipes.How can I select only 100mm diameter pipes?

You need to filter pipes by 100mm dia. I will post solution in a while.

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@bikashseas This should work for you.

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Thanks.I shall try for other sizes.

Hi All,
I made this node.Its working fine.You can try this.
Thanks @Kulkul.

For All Pipe Size Node :