Create suberegions from 3D AutoCAD

Hi, I am trying to create subregions from a 3D autocad file. I’ve been looking at this page: Create Subregions from CAD file, But hit some stumbling blocks:

As you can see, the output is empty, If i change the create model curves to true, the ‘PolyCurve.ByJoinedCurves’ node doesn’t read the model curves.

Does anyone have any ideas how i can solve this?

Haven’t looked in to the rest of your script, but to convert from model curves to Dynamo curves for further processing you can use the node CurveElement.Curves.

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this does not appear to work, and if i set ‘Create modelCurves’ to true, it created a lot of model lines in the model, and i dont want that. I only want subregions to be created from the 3D autocad.