Create Structural Framing Family from Structural Column Family

Has any come up with a cheat using Dynamo to re-create structural framing families from structural column families?

Main reason:
I’ve downloaded the TATA Steel families (link below), which are only provided as Structural Columns, not Structural Framing, and i want to transfer all the parameters and values without doing it manually.

Any hep automatic all or part of this would be great!


I’m not sure you need Dynamo for this. For the parameters why not just use “Transfer Project Parameters” within Revit? As for the Type Catalog - you can copy the one Tata gives you. You will need to come up with another name for the framing though.

For the families themselves, why not just use the OoTB tube sections and just rename? Then use the transfer project parameters?

Could Dynamo do the above for you? I’m sure it could, but by the time you figure it all out it would have been easier to do the work yourself. Just my two cents worth though.

Thanks for taking he time to reply Tom,

I’ll use the same type catalogs, of course. I think you’re referring to Transfer Project Standards, rather than parameters? I’ll still need to export the parameters, which is a bit tedious.

No matter, I’ll start with the OOTB and see if I can bulk-transfer the parameters.


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