Create Reference in link to get wall surfaces to place family face hosted

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to place face hosted families on linked walls from a selected room by using the node “FamilyInstance.ByFace”.

At first I used the node “Element.Faces” to get the linked wall surface but it doesn’t use the Link Document and I’m having an error because of it :

So I changed it by getting the surfaces from the linked walls with the link document but I’m having another error:

For now I understand that I need to use the method “CreateReferenceInLink”. So I read other post on the forum but I haven’t found anything about that method …

Anybody got a hint for me on that subject ?

Hi @BenBimlogic,

An example with the SelectLinkedFace node :

Or it is also possible with the FamilyInstance ByReference node :

Place family on linked face.dyn (20.0 KB)


Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner, thank you for your answer, it’s really helpful! I’m getting somewhere with the GeniusLoci nodes. Unfortunately, I don’t think that I have the good references associated with the surfaces:

the ideal result :

I’ll continue to look on what might be the problem. I uploaded the link file, model file and the script if you or anybody want to look at it. Architecture_Model.rvt (3.2 MB) MEP_Model.rvt (3.3 MB) Place Element On Link Face by Room.dyn (55.3 KB)