Create Plane from Level radius


Could someone please explain why when I used the below intersect rule on a plane by point origin against a large mass, it returns a section of the intersection as if there is a max radius to plane by point origin??

Regards, Chris

Dimitar’s answer here, might answer your question …

but revits limit is 33km not 200m… our building is longer than 200m.

I’ll try explain what I am wanting to do… Our building is split into ~4 zones, and I would like to automate the process of assign carparks, rooms, areas etc. to their correct zone. Just yes/no parameters. To do this I want to use masses to capture the zone extents (seemed the easiest way and most flexible), then using levels intersect the mass, get the location point of the elements and assign. Seems very simple in theory and could achieve using the API very quickly, but and trying give dynamo a chance. Ideally I would create a script that returned is the point was within the volume, but again was trying to use basic dynamo nodes…

some things are unexplainable…

Dimitar’s solution of creating a new, bigger surface at the elevation of the level should work

There are a number of posts on this forum about numbering stuff by location- usually grid/level, rather than creating masses for the zones