Create new Hosted Area Load

I am trying to select all analytical floors in my revit model and create a new area load that is hosted to those elements. I found some coding that created a new line load ( ) but when I try to adjust it to create an area load I am getting a syntax error in line 34.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong??

One thing I see is that you need to feed the python a LoadType element, not a name (string).

Also check this for documentation of the method:

Here is another way to create Area load using Rooms.

Thanks Guys, below is how I solved the problem

Kulkul, Id be interested to see your python coding!

Nice thanks @Brett_Taylor .
And for those that work in Metric, we can just add the Convert Node. :slight_smile:

Create_Hosted_Area_Loads.dyn (6.8 KB)

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Hi Kulkul

Is there any chance you will be willing to share the python script with me? Also, do you think there is a way to apply various loads (size of loading, 1.5kPa, 3kPa etc…) onto the floor depending on the usage of the room (room type)?