Create liste with list and list in list

Can you help me solve my list problem. I do not arrive with nodes, I’m newbie to Python
Thank you

liste1, liste2 =IN

for element in liste1:
	for el in liste2:

Thank you, it’s great I have to add the condition if null or empty


I rejoiced too quickly, I can’t use the List.Fatten because the indexes of the 2 lists are linked.
I am trying to find a way to make a List.GetItemAtIndex but multi index.

My English is not good I join the following image
In red what I am trying to solve, do not have index by index

This building with 325 rooms, at the beginning I wanted to create spaces with node
CustomRoom.LocationPoint => CustomRoom.LocationPoint => Space.ByPoint

But the CustomRoom.LocationPoint and Space.ByPoint output coordinates were different, but there is a problem with the model spaces do not match parts.

Thank for your help

Maybe something in this genre there ?

Create list with list and list in list

Do you want to drop null or Empty values?