Create list by adding the element after every loop

Hi All. I am running a loop in dynamo to get individual elements from the list.

the issue is I need to add the individual item each time to a list after each loop and see afterwards if the number of items in the new list is the same as those in the old list. That way I can tell if the run has been completed and delete all the old elements


I don’t use the Loop While very often, because, as I understand it, it requires numerical Functions to allow Dynamo to understand how to control the loop…

Start at 1,
until value is greater than 100

output = 101

I think the problem is that you’d need to find a way of making ‘is the number the same as the previous list’ into a Function. However, as I understand it, a Function cannot have inputs, it is a formula.

In Python, there is the construct:

i = 0 
while i < (value) :
   do something
   i += 1

Which gives greater flexibility in determining the ‘value’, so that is the way I would start to investigate.

To give more explicit advice, I think it would help if you could give us a simple graph to look at?

Hope that helps,


I managed to solve it with the pass through node

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