Create AND Rotate Elevation Marker

I’ve looked through the Rotate Elevation Marker threads and have those working on existing elevations. However, I need to write a script that creates and rotates an elevation to align to a wall. When I do this, I get an error that my Elevation Marker has no bounding box. Archi-lab’s Rotate Family node also doesn’t work. Can anyone confirm this is a known limitation or if there are any other ways? Thank you!

Create Rotate Elevation Test.dyn (23.8 KB)

Try this:

You need to match the list levels of your ElevationMarkers and their corresponding angles. If you add an ElevationMarker to this, you will also need to add an angle (even if it is the same value) so that each marker corresponds to a single angle. If you wrap the python script in a custom node, you can have Dynamo handle the list levels for you, which is probably a safer approach.

The way the Python node is currently set up, it expects a list of elements in IN[0], a list of angles in IN[1], a single view in IN[2] and a single boolean value in IN[3]. If you do not provide an equal number of elements and angles in the exact same structure, the code will not work.

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Maybe look here?

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