Create a third list from a combination of two lists

Hello everybody! I probably have a simple question, but due to lack of experience, I can’t achieve the result. Help me figure it out: I have two lists of lines. How to create a third list in which to combine in pairs zero values, ones, deuces, triples, fours, etc.

Not sure if this is what you are after, but try a List.Create & List.Transpose node.

You could also use a List.AddItemToEnd node and play with the list levels but I find the former a bit easier to control in the long term with relation to the resulting data structures.

Yes it works, thanks, Jacob! But I still have a question about fillets. I crossed the lines, cut them, but when I try to drive the fillet into the intersection points, the following error occurs:

Looks like you’re working with non-planar curves. Try making a polycurve and filleting and you’ll get a more meaningful error.

As I understand your geometry, there likely isn’t a curve which doesn’t have a variable radius which lies on your surface, so pulling the curves onto a plane and projecting it, or thickening the surface and filleting a resulting edge is likely the way to go. It’s impossible to know without seeing more of your geometry. That said all of this is a separate topic so give the above a shot and if they don’t work out start a new thread as both of these will be equally valuable for future visitors.

I tried the different methods - until I haven’t achieved a result. I pulled the curves onto the plane and tried to roll the fillet into them - until it isn’t work. Well i will create a separate topic.

New topic.