Create a number/quantity of a geometry

Hi guys,

I’m trying to create something relatively simple in Dynamo (I’m a novice), and I’ve been stuck for a while on a certain problem: creating a certain quantity/number of a geometry/object.

If, say, I would create a specific room type and I want 5 of them, I want to be able to input that number and get a list containing these 5 duplicated, possibly translated objects.

I’ve been trying with some Python scripting (even bigger novice) with “while” functions although I’m just unable to due to lack of skill. A solution through Python would also be very welcomed.

Thanks. I’d appreciate your help.

Hi @APK_HDLAB, can you share a dummy .rvt file and the graph, you’ve been working on so far? :slight_smile:

I’ve figured it out, thank you though.

There’s a node called ofRepeateditem that does exactly what I need. It repeats an input item an input number of times.

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