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is there a way to separated a string by each word and number of occurrences?
What I am trying to do is read a text file and have it tell me every type of word that is in the file and how many times it occurs. Something like this:

“The dog went to the party, party, party.”


  1. The
  2. dog
  3. went
  4. to
  5. party
    what I have now is below. But I have to search for every word manually. I want it to do it automatically.

Here’s what I can think of:

I like what you did there, and I am trying it out…
Do you know how to use Not in a code block or otherwise with a string, so that I can count all the words that are Not what I am looking for? I get an error message:

Hmm, I don’t see why you want the ‘Not’ code block in between. If you want to know how many times a word appears in a text you can just search for that word right? I don’t think I understand the question.
Or if you mean that you also don’t want that word to show up in the list you can do add that wordt to the list of items to split with, like this:

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