Copying Multiple Legends to Multiple Sheets

Having issues getting this script to behave. No issues when trying to copy a single legend at a time but when attempting 2 or more legends, i can get them to place on multiple sheets but not in the correct locations. With cross lacing on Viewport.Create i get the legends on every sheet but the 2nd legend is very close to the first legends location. By setting it to longest, i get either legend A or B placed then the last sheet in the list will receive both legends.

Is it possible to copy multiple legends with this method or do i need to implement some python code to loop the locations somehow?

I don’t know what Revit version you are using, but in R21 you can just copy - paste legends.
There is also this add-in called Pangolin which you can use to replicate Legends, Views and Schedules.

This is with R22 & Dynamo 2.10. Haven’t heard of Pangolin, ill check that out. I’ve also noticed that datashapes select element note’s category filter doesn’t want to recognise legends as viewports in R22 for some reason, works in previous versions.