Copy with Same Mark Value

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I am trying to copy mechanical services from typical floor to floors above. We have around 20 typical floors. When I copy from typical floor, grille numbers (Mark value) changes randomly. Is it possible to change duct, grille, dampers… to match the typical floor values. Once that is achieved, I can run dynamo and use - find and replace to change Mark value reflect the floor. To make it Clear
this is the grille mark value for level 2, when I copy to level 3, it changes to
I want the level 3 grille to have same value as level 2 once I achieve that I have a dynamo script to find and replace 2- to 3- so that the grilles will have identical value

This is what I was trying.

find replace grille tag.dyn (16.6 KB)

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You could use Element.CopyToLevel from Clockwork to do the copying for you. Then you’d just have to take the original element marks and modify them according to your naming convention.

Hi Nick,

We have grouped FCU Duct and grille together, when we copy elements the mark value updates and I dont want that to happen. I want it to stay the same, so that I can run find and replace node to replace 3-xx to 4-xx


After you copy Element X using the method Nick gave you, get Element X’s mark value, and adjust the prefix/leading number based on the number for the level you copied it to.

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Worked out easier way of doing this. Copied mark value to label and copied items to different level. Mark value changed but system stayed the same. All I did then was copy label to mark and then did a dynamo graph to find and replace for different levels. Thanks for the input guys. will try your way too.